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Re: Floating point exception in Sarge/Cobalt RaQ2

Vladimir Shahov wrote:
> First: no one partitions of type rather than ext2r0 (in creation step
> xfs make kernel panic, ext3 - segmentation fault, ext2 - simply freeze
> system)
> Second: coudn't pass the the swap check (system freeze)

I suspect some hardware breakage. Is the disk really ok? Is this Cube
known to run other OSes well?

> But with installed system I have the next problem:
> <!-- begin quote -->
> $ ls -R /lib/modules/
> Floating point exception
> # apt-get update
> Floating point exception 0%
> # apt-cache show libc6        
> Floating point exception
> <!--end quote -->

Can you try gdb or strace on those commands?


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