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Re: R10000 / R5000 and Debian

Pawel Tecza wrote:
> Hello again! :)
> > I have also old notebook with Woody, so first I'll try to boot my
> > O2 box from TFTP. I'll use your images if I have the problems.
> According to googled documents I have installed tftpd and dhcpd on my
> notebook and network booted my O2 box. I use cdrom-boot.img downloaded from
> http://http.us.debian.org/debian/dists/testing/main/installer-mips/rc1/images/r5k-ip22/.
> The O2 machine got the image, printed the following message on screen
> tip22: IP22 Linux tftpboot loader
> Loading program segment 2 at 0x88002000, size = 0x1d4708
> Loading program segment 3 at 0x881d8000, size = 0x3b000
> Zeroing memory at 0x88213000, size = 0x36510
> Starting kernel; entry point = 0x881da040
> Copied initrd from 0x88aa0bf0 to 0x8824a000 (0x1b07c2 bytes)
> and froze. What does it mean? Should I continue the installation
> via serial console?

It means you tried to install a kernel for SGI Indy/Indigo2 aka ip22
on a SGI O2 aka ip32 machine. This can't possibly work. The kernel
support for O2 is currently close to be useful and stable, but is
unlikely to get ready before sarge.


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