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Re: R10000 / R5000 and Debian

Hello Martin!

Thanks a lot for your reply and all good work for Debian!

> I have an O2 R5K and looked into getting Debian and
> debian-installer running recently.

Fine! Now I'm not alone ;)

> There aren't too many problems that need to be fixed.
> While we won't provide official O2 images for
> sarge (our next release), I intend to provide images
> for the O2 on my web site. If you give me a few days,
> I can do that.

I have also old notebook with Woody, so first I'll try to boot my
O2 box from TFTP. I'll use your images if I have the problems.

> > O2 R5000 - EXPERIMENTAL without framebuffer
> This should work but I cannot test it.  I did an installation via
> serial console (with my modified boot images) and that worked fine.

Sorry for a stupid question: can I use O2 R5K as a graphic workstation
if it doesn't support a framebuffer?

My best regards,


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