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Re: Bug#263274: still seeing error with apt-listchanges

Mips people,

that seems to be a problem on mips only. Is this an issue with db4.2
or should python be changed to work with another dbm implementation on
mips, when using the anydbm module?

Thanks, Matthias

Eric Boyer writes:
> Unfortunately, the issue with apt-listchanges in bug 263274 doesn't seem to 
> fixed yet...  Although the changelog for 2.3.4-6 says it was fixed there, I 
> tried both 2.3.4-6 and 2.3.4-8, and I'm still seeing the exact same error 
> on my SGI Indy.  If you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to supply more 
> info or try something that may help identify what's causing the 
> problem.  Just as an additional piece of information, everything is working 
> perfectly on another i386 box with similar configuration (current testing), 
> but with python2.3 2.3.4-5...
> Eric

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