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VINO support in kernel


	I downloaded a 2.4.26 kernel from kernel.org and tried to configure it to 
have the VINO module, since I can't load the one that comes with the 
kernel-image-2.4.26-r5k-ip22 package in my SGI Indy. The problem is, when I 
'make xconfig' and visit the multimedia section, the VINO driver comes shaded 
and I can't select it.

	I suppose I can just edit the .config and add a 'CONFIG_VIDEO_VINO=m' line, 
but I'd like to know why it is shaded. I'm of course allowing experimental 
options. Should I download a linux-mips CVS kernel instead of the "official" 
one to get support for this hardware?

	Thank you.

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