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 I apt-get installed the pdns (version 2.9.12) and pdns-backend mysql packages.
 I currently run pdns on a debian Intel machine, and it works perfectly.
 The same version of pdns on debian MIPS works for the most part, but
 it cannot use anothing that has to do with recursion. 
 If I set the recursor in pdns.conf to another machine, I get this
 Discarding untracked packet from recursor backend with id 29299.
 Contrack table size=31

 If I run pdns_recursor on the local debian MIPS machine, it fails
 with the same error.

 I tried compiling the newest version from source (I also made .deb's
 of the newest version 2.9.15 if anyone wants them), I get the same problem.

 My best guess is it has something to do with ioctl's and debian MIPS.

 Anyone have any insight?

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