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Re: xfsdump package needs requeued on mips, mipsel

* Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> [2004-01-19 08:05]:
> Hmm.  Sorry, something seems to be amiss with britney (or I'm reading
> update_excuses wrong).  The xfsdump package is not a valid candidate
> because it's out of date on mips{,el}, but the dmapi package, which
> provides the libdm0-dev build dependency, *is* considered a valid
> candidate... even though it's out of date on mips{,el}.

Yes, dmapi in testing builds dmapi-dev and dmapi whereas dmapi in
unstable builds libdm0-dev and libdm0, so no binary package is out of

Martin Michlmayr

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