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Re: O2 kernel package?

Hi Nick,
On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 11:37:35PM -0500, Nick wrote:
> Hi, I'm intrested in trying the new installer for O2.  I can provide a
> mostly working 2.4 kernel binary, or a mostly-not-working 2.6 kernel,
> that should make it multiuser but I can't promise more than that.
> Framebuffer is now mostly supported, though it's not perfect.  What
> would be required to get this process started?
Great! To fully support this we'd need the tools to build the kernel in
debian first (I'm working on this atm). However I wouldn't bother too
much about this for now.
Biggest showstopper is to get the installer initrd embedded into the
kernel image. One solution would be to adapt tip22. If you do so you can
then (cross-)build a kernel-package using make-kpkg using s.th. like:
make-kpkg --version=1 --append-to-version=-ip32 --subarch=mips64 \
	--arch=mips kernel_image
which you can then tell the installer to pickup at installer build time.
This is probably the cleanest solution but requires some hacking on
I think the decstations use the other way around embedding the initrd
into the kernel during kernel build time, which should be simpler to get
 -- Guido

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