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biarch cooperation.

Have the debian/amd64 people and the debian/mips people every talked
together about biarch issues? [in a brief glance over both mailing lists,
I did not see that this had occurred.]

In particular, the issues which the debian/amd64 people are dealing with
in respect to building both 32- and 64-bit versions of libraries are the
same as those you might expect from mips/mips64.  I, personally, am most
interested in getting a biarch mips/mips64 compiler set up and some basic
(libc) libraries, and was hoping that the amd folk could offer some

Note that there are other debian ports where this could be useful, for
example sparc/sparc64 and arm/arm26.  Infrastructure should be common
to all of these ports.

[ps to amd64 folk: a mailing list message refers to some "irc
 brainstorming notes" on biarch issues:
 but the original notes message (which the linked message above quotes in
 part) never made it onto the list or into the archives.  Could someone
 point me to a copy?  --- and in response to that message, the proposed
 apt-get syntax (apt-get install foo/i386) conflicts with the existing use
 of slash to refer to release; i.e 'apt-get install foo/stable'.  So you
 will need to find another delimiter.  Perhaps '@' or '#'.]

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