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Re: Indy gets tftpboot.img but doesn't boot

John Fry wrote:
> In fact, I have two Indys.  The first one's video card is reported as
> "Indy 24-bit".  On this one, the woody install went flawlessly,
> working exactly as decribed in the howto.
> The second Indy's video card is "GR3-X2".

Not "GR3-XZ" ?

> This is the one that
> produced the error above.  I assume the video card is the culprit.

No surprise there. The XZ isn't supported, mostly due to lack of

> If I understand correctly, I could in principle boot that Indy in
> serial console mode and install Debian on it.  However, I imagine that
> XFree86 would not work on it because the video card is not supported.
> Does that sound right?

Right. The X11 client libraries will work, but not the X11 server.


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