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Re: Howto install Cobalt Raq2 or Cube?

people.debian.org might be still be down for auditing following the security breach that debian experienced recently. Anyways, I know of two copies of this howto on the net:


The second is a mirror on my personal server. I also happened to have local copies of the nfsroot and the vmlinuz tarballs. I don't have the disks for mipsel, however. Also, my server has a very limited amount of bandwidth to work with, so this is not a good long term solution.

I also would like to see more development on this debian port. Oli and I had discussed making updated kernel packages, but I haven't had much luck in getting the sources to build quite yet.


On Dec 6, 2003, at 8:47 AM, Oliver Schwank wrote:

how do I install a Cobalt RaQ2 or Cube after people.debian.org/~pm is


I am getting a little bit upset with this kind of hardware, and I
consider to switch to NetBSD The support for this kind of hardware
looks better there.

If the Debian project is not able to support it,
than I think they should let die the Cobalt support at all.


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