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Re: debian on O2

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003 15:11:50 +0100
Frank Loeffler <knarf.loeffler@freenet.de> wrote:

> I got an O2 booting using one of them (do not know which anymore), but 
> it segfaults later very often (base-system was installed on nfs-mounted 
> space), 

Me too. Debian installer would present me with a lot of peculiar erros,
and the system was very un{stable|usable}.

Unfortunately, despite the good intentions and work of the people
involved, Debian - or any other free / open source system - in the O2
seems to be *that* experimental, up to the state of 'unusable'. I believe
NetBSD is also 'experimentally supported' in the O2, and I suspect it is
at the same state, although I have not tried it. Which is a pity because I
don't really like IRIX and I really like the O2. :-)

> But maybe I did not try hard enought, yet.

I personally tried hard enough for my experience and knowledge, and gave

I'm left wondering though, has anyone got to a usable state in an O2? What
are your experiences?


Cryptonite- hasn't that been outlawed by the DMCA?

Alexandros Vellis

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