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Re: Using Sun monitors on an Indy

On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 10:03:58PM +1000, Stuart Longland wrote:

> 	I've recently acquired 3 Sun 13W3 monitors from my university (they
> were throwing them out), and I was wondering if anyone has managed to
> get these sort of monitors to work on either IBM PC or SGI hardware...
> The monitors in question:
> - - 1x Sun GDM-20D10 19" (which I'm told is very similar to the SGI 20D11)
> - - 2x Sun GDM-1662B 16" (One didn't work at all, the other appears to
> work, but won't sync properly.)
> 	As I say, apparently some of the Sun monitors just magically "work" 
> 	on
> Silicon Graphics hardware, but it seems that these ones will need some
> modifications.  Anyone know of a document that explains this?

I got a Sun GDM 20E20 working with an Indy. By default it does not
accept sync-on-green and gives no picture on an Indy. If it is
running on a Sparc and provides a picture there, one can access the
on-screen-menu and enable sync-on-green support there. Afterwards it
worked on an Indy.

Perhaps there is a similar option with the monitor models you have.
One caveat: IIRC somebody told me that there are different versions
of the 20E20 and that not all of them have this sync-on-green option.

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