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Re: kernel-image for mipsel/cobalt

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 03:51:50PM -0500, Marquess, Dustin wrote:
> I have a RaQ2 w/ two network interfaces (I think it's the RaQ2 Plus or
> something like that?).  I haven't had a problem so far, running the 2.4.18
> kernel that Debian itself installed.  In fact, I used both NICs in order to
> install Debian.

The one that was part of the Cobalt installer?  That on is not an option
for me as it lacks the ptrace patch.  I haven't had any luck applying
the Cobalt-specific patches to a ptrace-patched kernel.  It's odd,
because they don't touch even remotely the same parts of the kernel...


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