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2.4.21 CVS kernel


I CVS downloaded the kernel sources from this (15th July):

    cvs@cvs.linux-mips.org:/home/cvs  (linux_2_4)

No problems there.  Kernel compiled after the gcc-3.3 Makefile
tweaks, but after building it looked like the SGI serial driver
was missing..

Looking at drivers/char/Config.in, some relevant CONFIG_IP22_SERIAL
exists, and the Makefile is primed to compile in sgiserial.c.  But
i'm not seeing this option in menuconfig and it's not appearing in
the generated .config.  Shoving it in manually:


should work..  (i think)..?  But i'm still a bit baffled why
it's hiding!  It appears to have compiled in at least.  Not
tried booting this one yet -- just rebuilding to make sure..


-- Fred

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