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Donation Available: SGI Indys


I'm pleased to announce that there's been a bit of a glut in SGI
Indys donated to Debian recently in both California and Germany.

There are three Indy's available in Southern California and additional
one may have a history of difficult booting. We can work out the
details of this before we transfer them.

The Californian hardware ranks as follows:

  1-175mhz 128M & 4G hard drive. 24 bit graphics

  1-175mhz 128M & 1G hard drive. 8 bit graphics

  1-150mhz 64 or 96M 1G hd and 8 bit graphics. this box also has a
  FDDI board i think.

Additionally, there are:

  2- Indy cams

  1- R4600 133 mhz CPU

  1- R4600 100 mhz CPU

  several sleds

  many memory sticks (although many are small: 8Mb or 16Mb)

The donor is willing to ship the machines either individually or to a
central location, perhaps in southern California, where someone can
swap things around and then reship them. Pending DPL approval, we can
reimburse the person who does this for their shipping cost.

Also, there are five Indys available in Germany already mentioned on
an SPI list. I'm not sure what the status on these machines is but the
donor can noot ship them. If people in Germany or near near-by are
interested, I will try to arrange something with a developer in close
proximity to the donor and then arrange for shipping reimbursement as
well if possible.

The routine is the normal one. If you'd like to get your hands on an
Indy, email me personally, off list with the reason why you'd like it
or need it or what you will use it for. If it's not Debian or free
software related, don't bother. Priority goes to official Debian
developers and NMs and people in close geographic proximity but
neither are essential.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!


Benj. Mako Hill                   |   Debian Hardware Donations Manager
mako@debian.org                   |   "Project Quartermaster"
http://mako.yukidoke.org/         |   hardware-donations@debian.org

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