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Re: tftpboot install on SGI Indy

On Fri, May 30, 2003 at 03:35:01PM -0400, Russell P. Sutherland wrote:
> I had opportunity to perform an installation of
> the current version of Debian on 3 SGI Indy's
> recently.
> It took me several attempts to make the tftboot install work.
> Notably, if one selects the ext3 optional journaling file
> system from the corresponding menu, the system will hang
> ala:
> 	kernel panic VFS: can't mount fs root file system
> When I choose the normal ext2 file system all works normally.

Have you checked whether the default kernel supports ext3 ? 

cat /proc/filesystems 

BTW - Even if its an ext3 filesystem and your reboot went ok from the
installation you should be able to mount the filesystem as ext2 - the
kernel usually does that by fall-back anyway.

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