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Re: Indy A2 audio

On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 04:14:14PM -0700, Brian wrote:
> Hi,

> Does the HAL2 module only work for the HAL2 audio processor?  Is there
> a way to get the A2 audio processor to work?

HAL2 ASIC is core of A2 audio system (it is driving Crystal codecs), so
this module will do the job. Maybye you found the name confusing, but linux
drivers have ussually same names as chips they are interfacing to.

> My system is:
> MIPS R5000
> 128 MB memory
> Indy 24-bit
> A2 audio processor
> 180 Mhz and I am running Debian testing.

Only kernel version matters in this case. If you meet problem with playing
little endian stream use more recent kernel. The one from linux-mips.org
cvs is recommended :)


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