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Re: netpbm-nonfree for mips and mipsel


On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 08:58, Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> > please (someone) have a look at bug #191620.
> > 
> > Background: Due to a dependency update, there are packages (e.g.
> > hyperlatex) depending on netpbm-nonfree (which hasn't been built for
> > mips/mipsel) and which therefore can't escape sid.
> Unless there are mips(el)-specific problems with it, just ask the
> package maintainer to build it for 'all' instead of 'i386'.

I guess you mean "any". ;) This is actually the case.

But looking at the last upload date it seems that the last upload
appeared when the buildd didn't care about building for mips(el) yet.
Since the current maintainer doesn't respond, please just let the buildd
try to compile for mips and mipsel (or build and binary-NMU) or file a
mips specific bug report (which doesn't exist yet).


Roland Stigge

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