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Re: trouble with installing debian on MIPS

On Tue, 2003-02-25 11:22:15 +0100, Micha? Bogusiak <kilop@toya.net.pl>
wrote in message <20030225112215.44a48757.kilop@toya.net.pl>:

> i had read faq abourt instaling debian on the mips procesors from
> http://www.linux-debian.de/howto/debian-mips-woody-install.html
> and i have do every thing step by step but my IP22 coudnt boot with
> tftp  with this image   , i alsow  downloaded iso with debian mips 3.0
>  i 3.0.1 but  when i try to boot instalation with this  cd nothing
> happend , it seams that computer can't read this cd 

Do you have a tcpdump of your tested boot? With what exact command do
you try to boot? What is the exact error message? From what machine (OS
version) are you tryin' to boot off?


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