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Re: /bin/sh outputs "Got cpu at 2a8800a0"


I can't address the "Got cpu at ..." message, but the "unable to open an initial console" is most likely the result of the root filesystem not being mounted / found.  Specifically /dev/console is not found.

Try using the NFS exported rootfs method and something like root=/dev/nfs, the specific syntax should be in your relevant "HowTo".


 ashish anand <ashish_ibm@rediffmail.com> wrote:


recently i ported linux on mips IDT334 board.
for initrd i am using big endian debian ramdisk(namely root.bin)

kernel boots fine but when tries to execve the /bin/sh it simply
hangs with following output.

Got cpu at 2a8800a0
Got cpu at 2a8800a4
Got cpu at 2a8800ac

my first question is from where these messages "Got cpu at" are
and what is their purpose..?

secondly is it hangs or i amn't able to see any thing
as it is noteworthy that i am also geting..
"Warning: unable to open an initial console"

further to mention i am downloading serially through kermit ( on

perhaps i am missing something very obvious.

Best Regards,

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