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Re: Anybody able to get root on raid ?

> Try both - I am interested if my patch works as we could incorporate
> into the mainstream kernel.

Hi Florian,

installed a 2.4.16 kernel with your patch and it didn't autorun the array.
Moreover I had to change the followind line in your patch:

+      md_autodetect_dev(MKDEV(hd->major,*current_minor));
The compiler doen't like this line, I changed like this:
+      md_autodetect_dev(MKDEV(hd->major,current_minor));

Now I'm trying to user a dos disklabel on my Indigo2, but I do have a
concern: how can I install the kernel image via dvhtool ? The dvhtool
doesn't find any volume header when I try to install the kernel:

dvhtool -d /dev/sda --unix-to-vh /boot/vmlinux
Bad magic
dvh_open: Bad volume header
Can't open Disk Volume Header

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