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Re: Debian auf einem RaQ2 MIPS R4000

Using google I found:



Søren Laursen

> On Tue, 2003-01-14 21:13:13 +0100, Mirko Steiner <mirko.steiner@slashdevslashnull.de>
> wrote in message <[🔎] 3E246F59.6030806@slashdevslashnull.de>:
> > that he is loading the kernel and ive sharing a nfs direktory but somehow
> I don't personally know the Raq2. AFter loading the kernel, do you see
> any kernel output? If not, you possibly may want to redirect this to
> some serial port by adding 'console=ttyS0' (for example) to kernel's
> boot parameters.
> > the box wont start the installation. would be nice if someone can give me
> I think we really need to know how far you get...
> > Iam also not sure about the options that i use bye `bfd' to boot the system
> > is use:
> > `bfd /tftpboot/tftpboot.img nfsroot=/tftpboot/mips-debian-root/'
> > but it wont not realy, too :)
> Hmmm. You're at least missing 'root=/dev/nfs'. Otherwise 'nfsroot=...'
> will be ignored IIRC... And possibly, you'd also add 'console=ttyS0' if
> serial ports on that hardware are supported.
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