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[Fwd: Re: Setting up Linux on a SGI Indigo Box]

Take a look at:


It's specifically for an Indy, so it may not work completely for an
Indigo, but it may be a starting point.  Having another Debian box on
the same network was quite advantageous when it came to setting up my
Indy.  The one thing that I would caution you on is that when you
partition your hard drive, make sure that the SGI partition is ~70
blocks.  Otherwise there won't be enough room for the kernel.  (that's
where it goes, as opposed to the root directory like on other linux

Good Luck!

Jeff Pickell

On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 15:15, Robert Haack wrote:
> We have 2 SGI Indigo boxes that we would like to install Linux on.  I've 
> never used an SGI box before some I'm at a loss at exactly what to 
> do.  When we first got these machines they had no hard drives in them but 
> we managed to scrounge up a 1 GB SCSI drive to at least do a test install 
> on.  We bought the complete set of Debian Linux on CD and now we are trying 
> to install it, but all of the directions I come across say to create a 
> bootable floppy which would be fine but these boxes don't have floppy 
> drives and the system doesn't seem to boot off of the CD-ROM.  So I'm 
> wondering if somebody can give me some directions or guide lines on how to 
> get Debian installed on this box.
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks

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