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Re: Warning:unable to open an initial console

Thanks for the reply Guido.  I tried that root.tar.gz package you described.  For the dhcp kernel file I used linuxrc, which I believe was correct?, but I ended up getting a kernel panic error. 

In the meantime I grabbed base2_2.2.tgz from somewhere that I can't remember now and after booting one of Glaurung's precompiled R5000 O2 kernels, I got past the "unable to open intial console" until the unconfigured.sh script shut me down.  I edited the unconfigured.sh script to just run /bin/bash and finally got a command prompt!!!

I was then able to partition the blank hard drive, formatted the file system, extracted the base2_2.2.tgz to create the root filesystem and made one partition a swap file, but now I'm at a bit of a loss.

Would the next logical step be to install a boot loader to boot Glaurung's kernel from the hard drive instead of from TFTP?

Would you suggest arcboot for the boot loader?  Or should I use Yamon?

Thanks for your help,


 Guido Guenther <agx@debian.org> wrote:

On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 01:51:52PM -0800, Patrick Kirchner wrote:
> I'm still stuck with the below error when trying to load the kernel via bootp():
Why wouldn't you bootp() the tftpboot image found on the debian mirrors?
It has a initrd with rootfs attached - no need to mess with nfs root.
> I think I have the wrong base file system exported by my NFS server. The file system that is exported should look like the root of a linux/unix server right? Mine does not :(
What about:
-- Guido

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