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Re: kernel panic:no init found and not enough space for bootp

On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 11:34:21AM -0800, Patrick Kirchner wrote:
> Isn't ttyS2 serial port 2?  Do I have to interact with
> the machine on a serial port?  Can I use the keyboard
> and video console?

Actually, ttyS2 is the third serial port. On other machines ttyS0
might make more sense, I was just copy/pasting from the notes for my
DECstation 5000/240. You aren't *required* to use a serial console,
I just don't have room for monitors and keyboards for all the
oddball architectures I run, so anything with firmware serial
console support saves me a little more space.

> I tried passing the parameter "console=/dev/tty1" but
> only got Tux smiling in the corner and a flashing
> block cursor.

That means that the kernel loaded and had appropriate framebuffer
support for your hardware, but you put the console on the "second"
video card. I think you want /dev/tty0 or /dev/console instead...

> If I must connect via the serial port, would a serial
> cable back to a Minicom session on my Linux machine
> work?

Yep. I do that regularly, but with the number of machines I have, a
terminal server wound up being a lot more useful in the end.
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