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Interest for Masquerade II and Masquerade PRO


This is a probe to see which users of Masquerade II and Masquerade PRO are
still around here.

Since Lasat/Eicon stopped maintaining the Masquerade kernel (and have
since gone bankrupt), there have been no updates to the kernels.

I still use the PRO a lot, but no longer the II box, and I plan on porting
the latest kernels to it soon.

I will probably base the 2.4.19 port on the existing Masquerade specific
kernel which is not in sync with the official MIPS tree (but read below).
The 2.5 kernel would be a new port of the existing MIPS stuff (but of
course using some of the Masquerade stuff in arch/mips/lasat).

Before I start I would like to know if there is still any interest for the
Masquerade II port, ie. if it is worth my time and effort to work on it as

Also if anyone is interested in helping me out with this I can set up a
CVS based on the latest dump I have of the original Eicon CVS and/or an
integration of this with the latest MIPS stuff.

If I get help we might as well start using the official MIPS stuff since
its probably better quality and more people are familiar with it.

Please respond as soon as possible, even if yo its just to say "yes I
still use a "Masquerade II" or "I would like to see the work on PRO

If there is enough interest I might set up a mailing list specifically for
these machines.

Kind regards,

Thomas Horsten

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