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Re: Unable to install: Indy R4000/16MB

On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 02:18:50PM +0100, Kato Zoltan wrote:
> I'm trying to install debian mips on a SGI Indy (R4000/100MHz, 16MB RAM,
> 8-bit video). I'm booting from the network succesfully and I'm also able
> to create and activate a 100MB swap + 900MB linux partition and configure
> the network using DHCP without any problem. Then I download the kernel
> modules/drivers + Base System from the network. This is where I start to
> have problems. Either during download or during the installation process
> the system hangs: The installation process stops, I'm unable to execute
> commands (like df, free) in the shell (alt+F2). I do not see any error
> message on the log screens (alt+F3, alt+F4). Currently I can reach a point
> where I see the following message:

Just a guess - You are to impatient :) The problem is that this is a
really slow machine and the installer lacks at certain points
a progress bar which even let me believe that the machine got hung.

Just waiting a couple of minutes solved the mystery.

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