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success with X, and other stuff

well... i just had to let the list know that i got X working last night. guido 
- your tip for using gpm in raw mode works a treat. also, olwm works 'out of 
the box' without needing the menu package (icewm has some problems but may be 
resolvable with tweaking) so window manager not such a problem.

i guess i still dont know enough about the debian package system even tho i 
run debian on my pc. i managed to make install the menu package eventually 
(after installing gettext) - there seemed to be files missing from the doc 
directory so the actually install was failing. i 'touch'ed these files 
assuming they were just documentation and the install finished ok but apt 
still tries to fetch the menu package so doesnt recognise the fact that it was 
installed from source. how do i convince apt (or dselect or whichever needs 
convincing) that the package *is* installed? anything to do with those missing 

anyway - i'll play around with it to figure out what if any console corruption 
takes place and my exact setup re newport, xfree etc and send to guido.

tangent - i'm getting slight smearing down the left side of the screen. it 
affects the left hand side of the first character in text mode but is also 
noticeable in x, does anyone else see this? i have a 24bit newport. i dont 
remember seeing this in irix but that was totally gui so maybe i just missed 


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