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Re: Console corruption with newport & XFree86

under what circumstances does corruption take place on the relevant newport?

> Hi,
> to get a better idea with which versions of the newport the console
> corruption happens I'd like to ask everybody with a newport to send me:
> - The version numbers of the different chips on the newport(as printed
>   by the kernel - dmesg)
> - if it is the 8bpp or 24bpp version
> - the version number of XFree86 with which console corruption[1] happens(if
>   any)
> - the version number of XFree86 with which *no* console corruption happens(if
>   any)
> So even if everything is fine for you, please drop me a short notice.
> Please do this in private mail, since I don't want to pollute this ml
> with(for other people) uninteresting stuff.
> Thanks,
>  -- Guido
> [1] completely black console with only a blinking cursor
> -- 
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