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X and window managers

well... i finally got around to having another crack at getting X working with 
some qualified success this time.

update-menu is not necessarily required if you dont use twm. for instance 
icewm doesnt use it during configuration therefore the bus error wasnt a 
problem. (see earlier mail re compiling menu from source problem).

however - altho gpm works fine (once i put in a repeat value of around 50) the 
mouse in X doesnt work well at all. jumps all over the place. i'm using the 
XF86config that came zipped up (XF86Config.indy.gz?) in one of  the library 
directories. the pointer is config'ed to be a psaux just as it is in gpm.

it looks like the wrong driver is in place for the mouse (have observed 
similar behaviour whilst config'ing i386). has anyone got the solution for 
this? i've not really config'ed X from scratch before having usually managed 
with a helper app and then fine tuning.

any help is much appreciated...


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