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Framebuffer question

Hi all, just subscribed to this list since I'm trying to get Linux
running on my DECStation 5000/25.

What is needed to get PMAG-GB framebuffer support going?

I tried compiling the kernel with PMAG-GB support but the boot gets to
"This is a Personal DECStation 5000/xx" then sits there like a stunned

Currently I'm testing the kernel by dumping on my NetBSD root
partition then booting straight to it with "boot 3/rz0/vmlinux.ecoff".
Is this going to affect the kernel boot sequence? Should'nt the kernel
do a little more before crapping out? Maybe it's the kernel revision
(2.4.13-pre5) that's buggy?

Of course, it could be I screwed up the compiling of the


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