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Debian/mipsel bootfloppies from CVS snapshot 20010910 available

Hallo everybody,

I have built Debian/mipsel-bootfloppies for a DECstation 5000/150
from the bootfloppies CVS on 2001/09/10. The resulting packages are 
available on


I have bootstrapped a machine with them - they (mostly) work. There are
still a few bugs, but these are AFAICS not mipsel-specific. If you want to 
use network installation in base-config, you have to manually add your
nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf - the nameserver entry is currently not
created automatically. 

I would appreciate very much if somebody else with a DECstation 5000/150
or a DECstation 5000/260 could test the boot-floppies.

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