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Re: kernel vs binutils

I'm using the current combo:

   * binutils- beta release
   * gcc-3.0.1.tar.gz release
   * glibc-2.2.3.tar.gz release plus linuxthreads
     and mips base addr patch

mips base addr patch at:


I've documented my entire toolchain build in detail at:



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From: "Christopher C. Chimelis" <chris@debian.org>
To: "Guido Guenther" <agx@debian.org>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 5:20 AM
Subject: Re: kernel vs binutils

> On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Guido Guenther wrote:
> > Current binutils CVS is still broken. I checked it with a native
> > compile(+ current 2.95.4 gcc) and a crosscompile (+ pre3.0 gcc from oss
> > which is known to work).
> Ugh.  I'll see what I can drum up.  In the meantime, can you post a bug to
> the binutils bug list?
> C
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