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Re: Decstation 5000/200 and 5000/240

Jim Buttafuoco wrote:
> All,
> First I am new the this list and Debian in general.  
> I have been trying to get my 2 decstations running Linux for 6 months
> now.  I have a Redhat 6.0 setup (and running a 2.2 kernel) on my
> 5000/200 and Openbsd on the 5000/240.  I would like to get Debian
> running on both.  Can someone point me to the location of a INSTALL
> guide for either of these systems and the location of the
> binaries/installer.

This is only for the /240.  For the /200 the net driver has to applied
manually, I haven't done this, but you can find it in the archive of this

Assuming you can set up bootp, tftp and arp I skip this part.

1st  Fetch a kernel from Karel van Houten.  Try as follows:
     www.debian.org/ports/mips/ -> other resources
         decstation.unix-ag  --> documentation
         install howto by Karel --> kernel selector
         fetch kernel for DEC 5000/240

2nd  Fetch a minimal Debian system for use as rootnfs or dump on
     the disk

     You can use http://master.debian.org/~joey/mipsel.tar.bz2

We're working on the installer which is looking promising but not yet

Hope that helps.



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