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Re: I have an Indy and want to help...

On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 02:27:13AM +0200, Jan-Hendrik Palic wrote:
> I want to help to port debian on mips? What should I do, were do I have to
> look.
Try packages and file bugreports(preferably including patches) :) AFAIK
we don't have the autobuilder logs publicaly available, this would help a
lot in order to figure out which packages have build problems. I do not
know if anybody has ever tried gcc 3.0 on mips, fakeroot segfaults, ...

> And one question, how do I kompile the kernel, if I made make menuconfig, I
> would get only to menu points, load config and save config. This hapends
> with kerne-source-2.4.7 installed by apt and linux-2.4.8 from
> ftp.kernel.org. So. what I have to do do make my own kernel?
We're at kernel 2.4.5 still. Either fetch it from oss.sgi.com's cvs
repository or try the kernel-patch-2.4.5-mips in incoming.
> The second thing is, how do I configure Xfree? :)
Isn't there a XF86Config.indy coming with XFree86? It's certainly in the
upstream tarball. Might be a first thing to look at :)
 -- Guido

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