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Re: printk

John D. Davis wrote:
Does anyone know off hand, the earlies point that I can use printk?

Well, you can use them from the very beginning, but you won't see the output until after serial console init (if you're using a serial console).

I added some printk statements to driver/char/console.c and the resulting
kernel hangs with only the logo showing and no text.  Is prom_printf
something that I should use instead. I put some printk statements in
tty_io.c and kernel/printk.c and those compiled kernels work.

I like using simple puts and put32 routines that print a string and a 32 bit number. These routines bang directly on the uart so you see the prints immediately, before printk works. Take a look at arch/mips/au1000/common/puts.c.


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