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Re: [long] Lance on DS5k/200

> I really *hate* to see so many different implementations. That counts
> to about 21..25 pieces of code, always written for the same thing.
> Well, I'll start off in merging in those two declance drivers. But
> this will come no earlier that in two weeks or so. I'll first do
> the serial keyboard with dz.c.

I sent this earlier but attached some large files.. so in case people on
the list didn't get it ..

http://www.skynet.ie/~airlied/mips/dz.c and dec_dz_keyb.c

are my initial attempts at dz keyboard support for DS5000/200, they
required the access.bus keyboard supprt (or at least lk201 stuff)....

just in case the are usefull.. they worked for lowercase, but the shift
state stuff is all wrong... I lost my monitor soon afterwards which
stopped my development.. I think someone else is working on this
maybe Karsten Merker...


> MfG, JBG
> PS: Looking at ~23 Am7990 and ~5 Z8530 drivers I think I should go to
>     *BSD :-) Who will ever attempt to clean up?

David Airlie, Software Engineer
http://www.skynet.ie/~airlied / airlied@skynet.ie
pam_smb / Linux DecStation / Linux VAX / ILUG person

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