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dual boot


i'm about to have a go at putting debian linux on my indy having assured 
myself that i can re-install irix from cd if the worst comes to the worst! i 
have a couple of questions, excuse me if they are naive.

i've read 
and it all makes sense but i was wondering if there are any caveats about 
making the disk dual bootable with irix...? does irix have to be on partition 
0 presumably swap has to be on dks0d1s1? i guess fx and fdisk will show things 
differently. how different is the disklabel?

presumably i will answer some of these questions as i go along but i'd like to 
have some sort of idea what to expect. i've had a trawl around the sgi site 
which is interesting (would like to try the xfs-capable kernel) but havent 
found any clear howto other than the above site. any pointers appreciated.

on a related note... is it possible to netboot irix from my debian linux pc 
with ide cdrom? i had a quick attempt previously with little success but 
eventually found a scsi drive that would actually work with the indy!



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