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Re: Indy Linux Install problem

On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 04:57:24PM -0700, John D. Davis wrote:

> I am using the recommended packages and the vmlinux kernel is on the IRIX
> server.  I am currently getting the following error:

Recommended by whom?

> VFS: Mounted root (nfs filesystem) readonly.
> Warning: unable to open an initial console.
> Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!
> I don't know why the fs is readonly. I explicitly put rw in the
> /etc/exports.  Is this why the initial console cannot be opened? I read

No.  That usually indicates that your root filesystem is defective.
See if /dev/console exists and is c 5 1.  If not, that's the source of
your console problem.

The init death problem seems more insidious.  Try passing init=/bin/sh
or so - this will be even more effective if you have a statically
linked shell like ash or sash to use.  Where did you get this
filesystem?  For that matter, where did you get this kernel?  There
are *lots* of both floating around, even on oss, that may be broken or
out of date.

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