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Indy Linux Install problem

I am trying to install Linux on an R4400 Indy from another R4400 Indy
running IRIX.  I have looked at the list archives at both debian and sgi
and found messages with the same kernel panic problem.  Is there a
solution?  dhcp_bootp and tftp seem to be configured right.  i don't get
any NFS errors in the SYSLOG.  I have also tried the instructions on the
digibel.org site and added the nfs_root info for the server.  I am using
the base.2.2.2 and kernel-image-2.4.0-ip22-r4k.tgz.  I had to explicitly
add /tftpboot directory with a link to the debian linux distribution to
rememdy the nfs errors from getfh.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
john davis

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