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Re: FYI: XFS 1.0 release

On Tue, 1 May 2001, Kurt Hockenbury wrote:

> Just saw this, thought it might be of interest to others here
> "Tuesday May 1 2001: SGI is pleased to announce the 1.0 release of XFS(tm),
> a high-performance journaled filesystem for Linux."
> http://linux-xfs.sgi.com/projects/xfs/
> If installation could be set up to include XFS support, I'd be able to
> dual-boot my Indy with my linux partition mounted as /linux under Irix,
> and my Irix partition mounted as /irix under linux.  No more copying off to
> another server to transfer files from one to the other! :-)

There are no debian b-f as of yet for either potato or woody. There are
some space issues to get it on a boot floppy.
The 2.4 kernel with xfs is fairly large and if you compile it in your
kernel will quickly jump to around 900K. Add some extra features and your
over 1 MB.

Making it installable would need to see a dropdown or selectionbox at
format time in the debian installer for selecting XFS or Reiserfs or ext2.
It's not there yet for debian. It does work as advertised though but
beware of compiler issues. 2.95.3 egcs 1.1.2 are known to work and are
tested most. gcc 3 CVS has one positive report.

> Kurt

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