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Re: Archive purge?

On Mon, 23 Apr 2001, Ryan Murray wrote:

> With the change in ABI, it is my understanding that all existing binaries in
> the Debain archive need to be rebuilt, using the new ABI.  In this case, we
> should request a purge of all existing binaries, and start uploading binaries
> with the new ABI.
> What are other people's thoughts on this?
> ~64% of Debian is built for mips.  ~2% is built for mipsel.  both are using
> the old mips ABI.

Ugh...this sounds familiar (had a similar situation on Alpha many moons
ago).  Has everyone given up trying to find a backwards-compatible
solution to this situation?  Honestly, I haven't looked into it too much
yet.  I can always revert the changes to binutils for now until a better
solution is found...


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