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Re: How to begin ?

> Hello,

Hello the list

> I have followed this howto, 

I have also read.

> but it refuses to mount the root fs.
> The server exports the directory with the root-fs (I can mount it on
> another machine) but is not contacted at all by the Indy.
> After booting the kernel, the Indy shows the message:
> Kernel panic: I have no root and I want to scream

You have more chance than me !!!!
during the command bootp()/vmlinux I have this message :

bootp()/vmlinux is not a valid file to boot.

I think, that i'm a very NEWBIE !!!
(if someone have an image for my IP22/R4000 that I can download, i'm in the 
doubt mips or mipsel big or little endian)

> I tried several boot commands, but nothing changes.
> What can be wrong?
perhaps a mistake on the command, what is YOUR command ?
If you are trying to mount a server with it name like 

try something like,
If it's a resolution name problem 

sorry to help no more....

Si tu vois un pingouin.....brr....tu fermes les fenetres
If you see a ......

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