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Re: mips port webpages

On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 02:42:48PM -0700, gmo@broadcom.com wrote:
> The way the question is posed seems to say that you are not thinking
> of embedded applications. I would bet there are many more mips
> cpu's capable of running Linux (or actually running it) in embedded
> apps than as standalone computer systems.

I know - I do kernel work on some of them. Namely the Toshiba
series Pallas, TopasCE and JMR.
For me these are "Systems" although they are of pure design
or educational usage. I would like to have a more or less complete
documentation on where debian-mips(el) is used.

> Even though in most cases we are restricted to cross-compilation
> environments, a lot of us doing embedded linux-mips would love to use
> a debian base for our user level apps.

This is why i am working on the debian stuff. Its always good 
to have a starting point for the whole userland.

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