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Re: Booting Indy [was Re: Trouble booting my indy]

At 22:35 19-3-2001 +0000, you wrote:
On my indy, all i had to type for the boot was something like;

boot bootp:()


boot bootp():

can't rememeber which one, but if you've got tftp and dhcp set up this
should work.

Any problems let me know and i'll see if I can help, or just let me know how
you get on.


Well, I checked to see if tftp was running OK, and it was:

        [root@leander /]# tftp localhost
        tftp> get /indy/foo
        Received 6 bytes in 0.0 seconds

Dhcpd is fine as well. Here's what happens when I try to boot the indy:
(from /var/log/messages)

Mar 20 02:07:12 leander dhcpd: data: lease_time: lease ends at 0 when it is now 985050432 Mar 20 02:07:12 leander dhcpd: BOOTREQUEST from 08:00:69:09:64:09 via eth0 Mar 20 02:07:12 leander dhcpd: BOOTREPLY for to indy (08:00:69:09:64:09) via eth0

Tcpdump says:

        02:07:12.630283 arp who-has tell
02:07:12.631742 > xid:0xd526 secs:5 C: [|bootp] 02:07:12.632617 leander.koornneef.net.bootps > xid:0xd526 secs:5 C: Y: S:leander.koornneef.net [|bootp] [tos 0x10]
        02:07:12.633682 arp who-has tell
02:07:12.658873 > leander.koornneef.net.tftp: 49 RRQ "/indy/vmlinux-2.4.0-test" [|tftp] 02:07:42.654191 > leander.koornneef.net.tftp: 49 RRQ "/indy/vmlinux-2.4.0-test" [|tftp] 02:08:12.655188 > leander.koornneef.net.tftp: 49 RRQ "/indy/vmlinux-2.4.0-test" [|tftp]

I found this in the Linux-MIPS howto:

When using DHCP version 2 you might see the following problem: Your machines receives it's BOOTP reply 3 times but refuses to start TFTP. You can fix this by doing a "unsetenv netaddr" in the PROM command monitor before you boot your system. DHCP version 3 fixes that problem.

This might indeed be what's going on. I'll have a look in the morning, but I think the dhcpd version is up to date...


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