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Re: Woody Freeze Plans (here mips)

Anthony Towns writes:
 > So, a theoretical (and overly optimistic) timeline:
 > 	2001.02.15 - 2001.02.28 
 > 		i386 boot-floppies updated for woody (and any other
 > 		architectures)
 > 		mips, hppa, ia64 get their architectures in sync and
 > 		work on boot-floppies, and work out if they're going to
 > 		release with woody or not

Is it our goal to get debian-mips into woody? 

Do we have major problems building packages? The autobuilder of Ryan
seams to work fine. I could restart my buildd (using the wanna-build
db on auric) to help here, but I don't have as much time analysing
problems as in the beginning.

Any ideas how to build boot-floppies? 


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