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Installation of Debian on DecStation5000/133

Ok I am totally new to mips and DecStations in particular.
I would Like to know how to install GNU/Debian on my new DecStation.
two caveates, First it has no hard drive yet can I use a hard drive from one
of my old macs(SCSI),
also it has no ram any ideas on where to get some?

Now how can I get the files nesisary to install Debian?
I really do not want to download a whole distribution, I do have intel
debian laying around but I also need
a piece of software for netboot right?

And now that I am thinking about it, if I get source code for a particular
program like my favorite wm blackbox
will I be able to compile it or am I screwed. My C/C++ not so good, my perl,
python, rebol pretty good though.

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still to be a live lion!

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