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libtool broken

It seems that any libraries that use libtool have probably been compiled
incorrectly.  libtool will, if it is able to, put information in shared
libraries with a list of all shared libraries that will be needed, so that
when a program is linked with one of those libraries, all of them get
pulled in.

The problem is that libtool uses file to determine whether something
is a shared library or not, with a very specific regular expression.
This regex fails on mips, because file also outputs the level of mips
processor the code was compiled for (mips-1, mips-2, etc.), screwing up
the regex, and causing libtool to not put this extra information into

I've opened a serious bug on file to have this fixed, as it really isn't
feasible to change the regex in every libtool program in the distribution.
(#83303), which includes a patch I've been using here which solves the
problem.  I've talked to the maintainer of file, and he intends to upload
a new version soon.

libtool libraries that were compiled without the change to file will probably
need to be recompiled.  Immediately coming to mind are libsasl and

A symptom of the breakage is configure scripts saying that they can't
find a library they are looking for, when it and the -dev are installed.
If you compile the configure test program manually and run it, you'll see
that there are missing symbols caused by the missing libraries.

If you want to fix the problem now, grab the patch in bug #83303, and apply
it and recompile/install file, or attempt to apply the patch directly
to /usr/share/misc/magic.  The latter should work, with a lot of fuzz, but
I haven't tried it myself...

Ryan Murray, (rmurray@cyberhqz.com, rmurray@debian.org, rmurray@stormix.com)
Projects Manager, Stormix Technologies Inc., Debian Developer
The opinions expressed here are my own.

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