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Re: new uploads

Christoph Martin writes:
 > I uploaded to ftp-master:
 > groff_1.16-3.1_mips.changes
 > binutils_2.
 > gcc_2.95.2-20.1_mips.changes
 > apt_0.3.19_mips.changes
 > binutils-2.10.1 has native support for mips now.
 > gcc-2.95.2 builds with the mips-patches from
 >   ftp.ds2.pg.gda.pl/pub/macro/SRPMS/gcc-2.95.3-14.src.rpm. 
 > This enabled me to compile apt which is not segfaulting anymore. 

The binutils I uploaded did not work correctly for glibc-2.2. There
are fixes in
ftp.ds2.pg.gda.pl/pub/macro/SRPMS/binutils-2.10.1-4.src.rpm which I
applied. I build a new binutils_2. and uploaded it. This
should fix the problem and enable us to build glibc-2.2. I hope this
it is working.


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